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i'm a lone gamedev working on: REDO! - Dark Sci-Fi action game inspired by the works of Tsutomu Nihei, Lovecraft and others

REDO! is a slow-paced action game with focus on exploring the unknown. delve deep in a distopic world where the division between humanity and machines, reality and insanity is very blurry. Discover the secrets of this broken world and ,if possible ,find closure to your inner void.


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Howdy. I really like the aesthetics of this game, the bleak atmosphere, and the art style. I have a question though: the music is currently pretty stark--seems to be an assembly of lonely synth pads--were you planning to upgrade it?

I'm a sound dev myself, and I like to keep an ear to the ground for fun projects in which to contribute music. If you were interested, I wouldn't charge. 

Anyway, good luck with everything!

Hi Redo, I am a testing student in Spain and I am currently playing your game as a big fan of Blame !
I was wondering if you have any email where I can report a bug about the game.

Ok, I didn't finish the game but here's my review:

Also idk if I just finished it because it's in early demo

+ means good point

- means bad point

= means a thing that's neutral and depends on perspective

  • The jump is delayed but you get used to it -
  • Beautiful pixelart +
  • Enemies are too though =
  • Not many music tracks -
  • Good vibe +
  • Good  music +
  • Not much enemy variety (at least I've only seen 4 enemies, at least it's in the early fase so there will probably be more in the future) -
  • Farming to get resources is bad because the enemies will take you more in form of damage than you can buy potions =

Score: 9.8/10

thank you for your feedback! this is an old demo, so i already did a lot of changes! there's no pause in the jump anymore and the farming is much more balanced now. you can follow the progress here: https://twitter.com/REDO_99.

again, thank you !

Thank you too, I don't use Twitter nor have an account so I can't follow you (not a social media fan)

I'll take the game for free, not because I don't want to pay just because I'm not very rich, I'll do an amateur review in the comment section when I'm done with the game (or find a game-breaking bug if it appears, not gonna rage with it only review what I could do)

You won me at " inspired by the works of Tsutomu Nihei"

First of all love the atmosphere and art. I'm hooked on mystery and want to know more.

Played on a gamepad and had problem with dashing. Sometimes jumped instead. And if you want to change direction it's almost impossible in combat because you need to move stick left/right, then down+A. And dashing trough enemy most of time is not enough to avoid hit. Also maybe shooting should by just RB/LT but way it is now maybe is makes sense with other weapons.

Will play more.

Thank you! i'm doing a lot of changes to the gameplay! you can see it here https://twitter.com/REDO_99
now you have a dedicated button to roll and you dont need to aim before shooting anymore.

Doing shooter myself so I know that it's iteration after iteration. But alpha testing helps a lot since as a developer we tend to get used to even most weird controls.

Really good so far, the only thing I'd say is I know combat is supposed to be challenging but there isn;t much finesse to it. I either have to shoot the big guys a few times then dash in and hope I can chop their health down or use rare bombs to stun them. I think with a bit of smothing in the combat this could be really great. The story is mysterious and gives you just enough to encourage you to set out and explore.

For being an early stage demo, REDO! has a lot of potential. From some pretty great art design, to subtle, but very mood setting music, it is an enjoyable platformer that keeps you in the mindframe of "Bad things happened in this world." It also has a fair challenge to it, with combat being more about planning your moves rather than just running in, guns blazing, and I can totally appreciate that.

Good job on this, dev. I'm very interested to see more.

Part 2!

Definitely an ending that keeps the player curious.

Thank you for your video and feedback! i made a lot of changes to the game and now it's more fluid, still slow paced but a little bit less slow. i think you gonna like the changes!

More fluid is just what this game needed. I'm eager to see how it plays!

You did an amazing job! I love the ambiance!
I didn't get to play a lot, but I hope to learn more about this world! :)


Your game screams PO-TEN-TIAL, the current game play is understandably short but it does well to teach you the basics and demo the environment.

I loved the fact you allow a USB controller and it works super well, it worked so well that I had to cut ALOT of dead air from the let's play as I kept getting lost in the magic and wonder of your creation.

Well done Redo!

If you're thinking of playing this game; let me tell you... You Really do. 

Thank you for your video and feedback!

Gravei um vídeo dessa perola :D

You've got a marvelous look and feel going on here, the graphical and musical style is great, the rest could use some polish. I think I understand where you're coming from with the general feel of the mechanics and I like them for the most part, but it feels clunky in some places. Attacking feels wonky in a way that's hard to describe, but that could be me or the enemies-- the lack of bodily collision with them feels weird either way. Jumping is a bit of an issue, there's always a recovery time before you can move again, and it's long enough that it's often noticeable. The animation and coding for getting off the top of ladders could use some work, and a dedicated dash button would be helpful because if you try to dash near a ladder you'll attach yourself to it, meaning you'll actually lose time by having to climb back up. Energy bullets claim to cost 1 energy but they actually cost 2. The tutorial is good, but it would be better to explain the UI too-- I figured it out but if you spell out some things for the player and there's something that you miss that they don't get it'll be that much more frustrating. This might seem small, but the text bothered me, it has some typos and it doesn't have much capitalization or punctuation-- except holy shit does it have ellipses. Having three text boxes in a row with just ellipses was annoying enough once, but you did it multiple times, and kept starting and ending with ellipses, it's like the character is falling asleep. Still, I quite like the general feel of the presentation and mechanics.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hope it helps!

Thank you for your video and feedback!

>the game is slow

Yes, indeed. It's slow because enemies hurt a lot, you have to manage items etc. this need to be slow to incentive the player to think before move, it's not a hack n slash game.

>level design

In fact, you are making progress. If you explore you'll find upgrades, money, secrets, lore, npcs etc. I want the player to feel lost and desolated, but I know that the player can overcome the odds if he really tries his best! The looping nature of the level design is something that helps to create a better sense of space, at least is what I think. Metroidvanias do this a lot.

Again, thank you for your feedback!

Just to be clear, when I talk about "not making progress," I'm referring to the fact that after playing for ~35 mins, I was still starting at the very beginning of the game (no save points reached). 

You're welcome and keep up the good work!

Okay, I've played this for about an hour, and I'm already stuck. First of all, the digital lock's code for the second gun I had to guess the order. At first, I thought the puzzle was supposed to act like a  twelve hour clock because of the ??:?? hint. Instead, the code was military time (2139). Now I can't even progress. While I wont ask where to go, I think you should add more guidance after that point.

So far, I've found a single bug. When you die, collected resources dissapear. For example, If I saved then collected an hp upgrade then died, I wouldn't be able to get th hp upgrade anymore.

"I think you should add more guidance after that point."
yeah, indeed;

"When you die, collected resources dissapear. "
are you sure that you didnt save after collecting the upgrade?
you can check it in the save file.

go to  AppData/Local/Projeto_definitivo_v2/Save.ini

and check the value of hpmax. if you have the hp upgrade this value will be more than "100.000000". 

I'm sure. I tested it with the power crates, and the same thing happened.

thank you, i'll look into it!

So I'm somewhat torn on my thoughts here. First off, I'm glad I played and had been looking forward to trying Redo out while I was on my short break from videos. The atmosphere, art and design are astounding. The post-apocalyptic bio-mechanical feel reminded me a bit of Giger and Beksinski and I thought it worked really well overall. However, I found the movement and combat to dissatisfying at best and frustrating at worst. The guns feel utterly useless against two thirds of the enemies I encountered due to the dissipation of the projectile, the lack of aim and the height of some of the enemies, be that floating over the line of sight or sitting below it. The energy shield was nice but it could only block projectile attacks and since the grenades were tied to the same input as the healing, I never swapped over to them. Understanding that I likely did not find every unlockable ability I can't say if my suggestions are valid. Using the d-pad to swap items and binding a directional dodge to the triggers could really improve the flow of combat and given that the draw weapon button already locks the player in place, using the left stick for 45/90 degree aiming would be a huge improvement as well. It seems there has been some inspiration taken from dark souls in the looping level design and checkpoint system but it seems, to me, to clash harshly with the resource based ammo and healing system. I feel like it would be pretty east to accidentally soft lock yourself into an area with no currency, ammo or health due to the systems that are in place right now. Overall it doesn't really seem like a metroidvainia right now, more a resource management survival and exploration game and that may have affected my expectations and overall impressions. I think giving some clearer tells to the environmental hazards and tweaking this resource based survival system into a more souls-like exploration, learning and mastering system with lighter restrictions on starting resources but heavier restrictions on pickups could go a long way to inporving the overall feel of the game. All of this is first impression, subjective feedback, so please take it all with a grain of salt. If it doesn't align with what you want the game to be, that is completely fine and I'll still be more than interested to see what becomes of it! All the best and good luck to ya!

Thank you for your video and feedback!
"The guns feel utterly useless against two thirds of the enemies I encountered due to the dissipation of the projectile, the lack of aim and the height of some of the enemies"

That is your first gun and it is used primarily to stun enemies, The limitation of the aim system is a design choice to create new strategies to deal with out of sigh enemies(trowing grenades, using a sniper rifle, using drones or getting to a higher place).

Btw, why didn't you use the dash? It's definitely would help in the combat!

"but it seems, to me, to clash harshly with the resource based ammo and healing system. "

That is something I'm still testing, indeed right now this system can lead to a soft lock if the player tries to play like a hack n slash... so I'll try to improve if until the final release

again, thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, I understand that the starter weapon isn't meant to feel all that powerful, but unless many of the later weapons have either a homing ability to make enemies above or below the plane of fire or a much larger area of effect, I can't see there being many situations where a gun would ever be more useful than a melee hit and run tactic. Using a resource to do damage vs free damage, albeit with higher risk of damage, to me seems to favor the latter in most situations simply because there is no aim. As cluttered, cramped and vertical as many of the levels are, using a resource free attack that won't miss simply due to a incline seems like the favorable choice.

As for the dash, I don't think it was tutorialized all that well. I think putting the player in a safe situation where they're forced to use it would drive home that it's an important mechanic, because once I moved on from that section, and the fact that it was a directional input combo and not a dedicated button, I completely forgot about it.

Realy cool loved the distopian future cyber punk style to it and it was a nice retro looking game cant wait for full release

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Thank you for your video and feedback!


I've played your game, and the feel and look of it is spot-on with a game I have designed...I have the script, the mechanics, all of it thought up of--just not made.

I was wondering if you would be interested in looking into it? You don't need to work on anything, I'd just like some tips as someone following your footsteps, so to speak.

Tell me if you'd like a look-see!


Today I was able to finally play REDO!, to say the least I was shocked. This game has so much to offer the indie community. The music automatically establishes the desolate tone we experience for the rest of the game. Outside of a few bugs, this game has a smooth and immersive atmosphere. Constantly throughout my game I was questioning why the character is where she is and how the world became so broken. It is games like this one which make a genre of their own. Clearly this is a pixelated adventure/ RPG but I believe it is so much more. It is 2018 where the only thing we see in the media is realistic-human graphics, games like this need to exist to remind us there is more to a game's code than its outer appearance. I hold no bars for this game's graphics, the art is wonderful and perhaps a few moving images might make this game even more so enticing. The mechanics of this game have been programmed tightly to where the player is fully accountable for their actions within the game. It is fair. I will be following the  development of this game until the full release comes to fruition, until then I recommend you find out what REDO! can teach you about the indie side of gaming. For now I must bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT!

Thank you so much for your video and feedback, it was great to see your thoughts while you play. and i'm happy that you didn't give up, and did your best to finish it! thank you!

Played through the demo and I like what I've seen. Definitely looking forward to more. :) 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

thank you <3


Here my short Gameplay.

Thank you so much! you help me alot with this gameplay!

Hey, neat game! Can't wait for the full realease!

thank you <3

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Hey I'd love to tried out ! But I'm trying to stay mainly on my linux box, any chance to get a Linux build

Works really well with Wine 3.x !